Frequently asked Questions

Q I'm looking for small binoculars - what should I look for

A Don’t expect a mini binocular to be a general purpose binocular. An optical fact of life called Dawes’ Limit restricts the ability of the mini’s 21mm objective lens to separate fine detail to a relatively low value of 5.5 arc seconds, compared with 2.3 arc seconds resolved by a 50mm diameter lens of similar quality. The 50mm lens’ resolving power is about 26 times better than that of the human eye and is a superior choice for many binocular users, while 40mm and 30mm lenses offer compromise between mini and semi-compact designs.

But the most important binocular feature is shockproof construction to keep the twin optical systems precisely aligned with one another for years of strain-free comfortable viewing. You’ll experience this all-important advantage in all 36 Lynx binocular models.

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