Frequently asked Questions

Q I find binoculars very difficult to see through?

A major advantage of high-grade binoculars over lesser grades is that they stay aligned and good-as-new for years of regular use without needing over-protection.

People who blame themselves for not being able to use a binocular comfortably are usually extra sensitive to the image distortions caused by imprecisely aligned optics. A quick check for the commonest alignment fault is to hold the binocular about 80mm from the eyes and look through it at a horizontal line such as a house gutter or roof top about 30 or 40 metres away; if the line appears broken - the part seen through the other eye lens - the binocular will strain the user's eyes and needs repairing.

Look for smooth, positive controls, firm bridges supporting the ocular lenses and brilliantly sharp image, and the "feel" of quality.

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