Lynx Frequently asked Questions

Q Should I buy a low-power or high-power scope?

A When choosing a new scope remember that low-power models give the wide field of view necessary for close range hunting, i.e. bushveld - and that six-power or stronger is needed for the open veld. Variable-power scopes let you choose the best magnification and field of view for widely varying situations.

A Choosing the most suitable hunting scope has to do with where you hunt. Bushveld hunting calls for low-power scopes because low powers have wide fields of view, allowing the hunter to locate a close-range game animal in the scope instantaneously instead of wasting time searching for it in a higher power scope. 4x may be considered the highest useable magnification for bushy areas, and lower powers are better. Open veld hunting requires more magnification and although some hunters get by with 4x scopes they’d be better off with 6x or 8x for long-range accuracy.

Variable power riflescopes are the versatile ones giving the one-gun hunter comfortable shooting in a variety of conditions. If bushveld hunting is more important than open country, choose a variable with the lowest low-end magnification — 1.5x or 2x (in the Lynx range this would be P1.5-6x42 or 2-7x32DW models). When open country hunting predominates, variables with 9x or 10x at the top end are good choices. A useful rule of thumb is to rate every 100 metres of range as requiring 2x scope magnification e.g. 200m = 4x, 300m =6x, 400m = 8x.

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