Lynx Frequently asked Questions

Q Can you offer any advice on hunting dangerous game?

A Using quick-detachable mounts to ready a scoped rifle for use on dangerous game animals trades the aiming precision of optical sights for the safer alternative of iron sights in case a charge situation develops. Another choice is to use a low-power riflescope which allows aiming with both eyes open and doesn’t impair the shooter’s judgement of the range and approach speed of a charging animal. The latest Professional Series Lynx 1¼ - 4½ x riflescope serves this purpose, with added advantages of enough magnifying power for general bushveld hunting to about 225 metres, extended eye relief for comfortable use on big calibre rifles and an unflared body tube permitting the scope to be mounted as low as possible above the rifle barrel. The 30mm monotube scope is coded 3P 1.25-4.5x26D. November 1998.

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