Lynx Frequently asked Questions

Q My scope seems out of focus

A Five minutes spent re-focusing a riflescope crosshair to match your personal eyesight upgrades your shooting performance. There’s a right way to do this and some wrong ways that lead to spurious results. Loosen the scope eyebell lock ring and screw the eyebell outwards several turns, until the crosshair appears blurred; point the scope at the sky, away from the sun, or at a well-lit featureless wall if you are indoors; screw the eyebell inwards half a turn at a time until the crosshair is at its sharpest; if you go past the point of sharp focus screw out the eyebell a few turns and start again. Lock the lock ring once you are satisfied with the setting. The same procedure holds for fast-focus scopes, excepting that half a turn anti-clockwise is enough to blur the crosshair. It is important to focus by screwing the eyebell / fast focus lens from outwards to inwards, i.e. clockwise, to prevent your eye adapting to an unsharp image. If focusing is done the other way round your eye will pull the crosshair sharp prematurely, but temporarily.

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