Choate Varmint Stocks

Varmint Stocks

24-01-12 Varmint Rem 700 LA - RH (7.35 inches)
24-01-14 Varmint Rem 700 SA - LH (6.50 inches)
24-01-16 Varmint Rem 700 LA - LH (7.35 inches)
24-03-04 Varmint Win 70 SA - RH 7.031 inches)
24-06-04 Varmint Savage 10/12/16 SA - RH Accu Trigger (4.275 inches)
24-06-08 Varmint Savage 10/12/16 SA - LH Accu Trigger (4.275 inches)
24-06-03 Varmint Savage SA centre feed (4.411 inches)

Versatile Platform for Long Range Varmint Shooting

Innovative, synthetic stock with design features that enhance accuracy and usability. Full length, aluminium insert moulded into the forearm improves strength without excess weight. Serrated bottom keeps rifle steady when shooting off bags. Accessory rail includes a quick detach bipod adapter. Aluminium blocks give a rock solid, stock-to-action fit; barrel is free floating. Buttpad is adjustable for length of pull, cheekpiece adjusts for height, for and aft position. Barrel channel is 31.03mm - ideal for 1 1/4 bbl. Blind box magazine - load and unload through the top.


Dupont rynite SST-35, Black, Approx 4lb 70z (2kg) weight, 35" (89cm long), Anschutz-type rail.

A This is the elevation adjusting knob. If you are on a hard surface you can use it without the block. If you are in the field we suggest you carry a 2” x 4” x 6” wood block. You can make your coarse adjustment with your bipod and one of the block heights will put you in your adjusting range of the screw. The screw removes completely one degree rotation for seventeen millionths of an inch. You can get really fine on your elevation adjustment.
B This is a 1inch thick rubber recoil pad. If you are shooting a big caliber rifle you will appreciate this ‘cushy’ pad.
C This area has coarse 1/8” serrations. These are to assist in holding the rifle in place while shooting from sandbags. This area is also flat bottom. The rifle sits upright; it doesn’t have to be held constantly.
D This is a ½” spacer that can be removed for a shorter length of pull. Your stock will come with ¼”. ½” and ¾” spacers and the screw set to give you many combinations of length of pull you need. The spacer blocks are interlocking (nesting) so alignment is assured.
E The grip cap is held in place by two screws. Inside the grip is a void to save plastic. This can be used to insert a counter weight if you need more stock weight, or you can put emergency ammo in the grip. It will hold 8 rds. of 30-06 ammo or what ever.
F This stock comes with two cheek pieces. You get a regular height and 5/16” taller. The taller cheek piece is for the people who use the big objective lens scopes and then have to use the tall rings. You have the option of three locations, centre, forward and back. You also have the option of reversing the cheek pieces if you are left handed. The cheeks pieces are thick so you can shave, grind or sand them into a custom height or contour.
G This is the off – hand notch. We learned this trick from the German MG-42 machine gun. We also designed and built the new NAVY/MARINE M-240 machine gun stock with this same feature. When you use a bipod or shoot from a sand bag you can use both hands to hold the butt of the rifle in place and steady on your shoulder.
H Molded inside the stock is a bedding block that is C.N.C. machined from a solid billet of aluminum. The receiver screws are also supported by solid aluminum pillars that are part of the bedding block/forearm insert. The rest of this machined part is the ‘U’ channel (I) that is molded into the forearm barrel channel. This adds rigidity and stability to the forearm area that had never been accomplished before in a molded stock. The bedding block, support pillars and barrel ‘U’ channel (I) are all one piece. Anyone that has any experience in machining or stock making will tell you that this is the very best way to make a rifle stock.
I Like (H), this forearm ‘U’ channel that is molded into the stock for rigidity. It is welding to the bedding block.
J The barrel channel is 1 ¼” wide. This will assure that any production rifle barrel will be free floating. This clearance ensures that your receiver only touches your stock in five places, both sides of the front and back ‘V’ bedding block and the recoil lug area. If you have a custom rifle barrel that is larger than 1 ¼” you can simply inlet it as you would a wooden stock.
K This area has coarse 1/8” serrations to retard the rifle from sliding or slipping on sandbags.
L This feature is a quick detach bipod adaptor. We have a patent on this design. It fits a Anschutz type rail imbedded in the bottom of the forearm. You can now install or detach your bipod in seconds. Simply turn the thumbscrew and slide it in or out. Some Law Enforcement officers and varmint hunters will really appreciate this feature. You have the option of using a bipod to shoot from a sand bag; you can have a short leg bipod for prone shooting and a long bipod for shooting in tall grass from a sitting position. All of these options can be done in a few seconds. The bipod adaptors are designed for the very well engineered Harris bipods.
M This is the bipod adaptor rail. The rail is flush with the bottom of the forearm and held in place with three #10 machine screws. An endless variety of accessories can be put into this port from the bipod, to night light, to you name it.
N The forearm is 2 7/16” wide. This helps the rifle stability while shooting from sand bags or a solid horizontal rest.
O The trigger guard is molded in place as part of the stock. It is larger than usual to allow the shooter to wear gloves when necessary.
P We furnish you with a new set of receiver screws. They are grade 8 Tool and Die quality hex socket machine screws. They should be torqued to 55 to 65 inch pounds (NOT FOOT POUNDS) of torque. With out the aluminum bedding pillars this would not be possible. Try this in a wood or plastic stock and you will split it wide open. This high torque assures your rifle and new choate stock are bolted together until you want them apart.


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