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Our Ultimate Sniper and Ultimate Varmint Stocks have our usual lifetime warranty. They are made out of 20% fiberglass filled polymer. If you break your stock, send it back, we want to see it. Plus you will get a new one, free.

Major John Plaster, the stock designer, has done his usual fantastic job in design. His work has made him a legend in his own lifetime. We hope you will agree with us and realise that this stock is a run-away good deal. As far as we know we are the only company that offers a inject molded varmint stock. The only alternative to our stock is wood or the very expensive hand laid fiberglass stocks that are foam filled. What we have done is invest in very expensive, complicated and high tech tooling that eliminates all of the expensive hand labour. We pass the savings on to you. It’s simply 21st. Century technology saving you money. We will attempt to answer some of the most asked questions in advance. Some are brand specific and may not apply to your rifle.

Q.        “How much do the stocks weigh?”
A.        The Varmint weighs about 4 pounds and the Sniper weighs 6 pounds. Additional
weight can be added in the grip area, inside the butt and barrel channel. Epoxy and lead shot make a good weight and you can dig it out if you change your mind.

Q.        “What is the difference between the Remington ADL & the BDL rifles?”
A.        The BDL, their deluxe rifle, has a hinged floor plate assembly. This allows you to remove ammunition through the bottom of your rifle. The ADL has a trigger guard only without the hinged floor plate. The magazine well on the ADL is blind bottom and does not open to the bottom side of the rifle. All of the rifle manufacturers make a less expensive model with a blind bottom magazine well. Our stock also has a blind bottom magazine well. This way we can make a stock for both models without doubling our inventory. If you can’t live without a hinged floor plate your local gunsmith will be glad to custom fit one to your stock just like installing it in a wooden stock. But don’t ask us, we don’t do custom work.

Q.        “How do you install the shell follower & spring in the new stock?”
A.        Place it in the new stocks molded-in magazine well and set the rifle on top. Make sure it moves freely before you tighten and torque the screws down.

Q.        “Will we ever make this stock for the Mauser or Ruger Mod.77?”
A.        We are planning to make one for the Mauser 98 and Yugo 48 as well as the Ruger 77 rifles. We hope to release these models in middle to late 2006.

Here are some dimensions that might help you identify your receiver length. These are
the distances between the two receiver screws.

            Remington        short action       6.500   /           long action        7.350
            Winchester       short action       7.031   /           long action        7.570
            Savage             short action       4.275   /           long action        5.062

Q.        “Do you make or plan to make; a stock for the Savage series ‘J’ rifle made between 1978 &1985 that has a bolt spread of 4.500; the pre-64 Winchesters/the Winchesters left hand rifles/ the Winchester, Savage and Remington long action detachable magazine rifles?”              
A.        No, sorry, the demand is not great enough to justify the tooling expense or to add more models to our inventory. Example, some nice gentleman wanted a varmint stock for his WWI French Label. We have had two inquiries about a stock for the Lee Enfield that have the two piece stock. Give us a break guys. There are some things that just can’t happen.

Q.        “Can I put my BDL or ADL rifle in to one of the Detachable magazine stocks so I can use detachable magazines?”
A.        No, the feed lips on the BDL and ADL rifles are cut into the bottom of the action and the feed lips on the detachable mag. Rifles are in the magazine itself.

* All of the stocks come with 2 screws. The short bolt is attached on the front of the
action and the longer bolt is used in the back of the action, close to the grip. Always tighten the front bolt first.


Q.        “What Remington rifle will your stocks fit?”
A.        Our Sniper and Varmint stocks will fit the current production model 700 long and short action rifles in right and left hand. We also make short action Varmint and Sniper stock for the detachable magazine rifles. It will fit the sportsman 78, 721 and 722 Remington rifle with a small amount of material removed from the safety area. We do not make one to fit the long action 700 detachable magazine rifles or the model 710, model 7, model 788 or the XP100 action.

Q.        “Do you make a stock to fit Ruger 10/22 in .22 WRM or the Ruger Deer Field .44 mag?”
A.        No, we don’t have any plans to make stock for those rifles at this time.

Q.        “Will my AK 47 fit the MAK 90 stock you made?”
A.        This stock was designed specifically for the MAK 90. We have had people put it on other AK 47’s by modifying them. We do not have the modifications here; we recommend that it be done by a gunsmith.

Q.        “If I modify one of your parts and can’t make it fit, can I send it back?”
A.        If you make a change to any of our products this will void your warranty. This includes but not limited to drilling holes, cutting, filing, carving, screwing or scratches. We have had stocks returned that have been cut off or fitted to guns they were not designed for, then when it did not work they returned the part for refund or replacement. If you break one of our parts or stocks, we will fix it or replace it as soon as possible. If the part does not work, contact us so we can fix the problem, if you modify it and it does not work, we will not replace your part.

Q.        “Can I put a pistol grip or folding stock on my Rem. 1100-1187 or Moss. 5500?”
A.        No, the spring and tube that pushes the bolt forward to function the action protrudes from the back of action for several inches and prevent the use of a pistol grip or folding stock.

Q.        “Do you make wood or custom stocks?”
A.        Sorry, we do not make wood stocks or do custom work.

Q.        “Will my Savage rifle fit in to one of your stocks?”
A.        All but the early short actions rifles will fit in one of our stocks. If your rifle has a centre to centre hole spread of 4.275 for the short action or 5.062 for the long action our stock will work. Some of the Savage 110 long action rifles come in short action calibers like 223 or 308 so you can’t assume you have a short action based on the caliber. If you have a model 110, 111, 112, 114 or 116 your rifle is a long action if you have a model 10, 11, 12 or 16 your rifle is a short action. Our stocks will not fit rifles with detachable magazines.

Q.        “Will my Savage in 7mm STW or 300 Ult Mag work in your stock?”
A.        Yes, but there will have to be .200 of an inch removed from the front of the magazine box. This will not cause any structural problems with the stock. Our stocks work very well under the higher stress of the larger calibers.

Q.        “Does the Sniper or Varmint stock come with a bipod? What kind of bipod do you recommend?”
A.        No, we do not supply a bipod with the stock. We recommend Harris bipods for use on our bipod adapter.


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