H&R Stocks


Survival Stock
The H & R Survivor stock has a 3 ½ x7 x 1 inch storage compartment that lets you store ammunition or survival gear. The butt pad has a thumb screw that lets you swivel the pad to the side for easy access to the storage. Our Store-Arm forend has two storage compartments one 1 x 1 ½ x 5 ½ inches and one 1 x 1 ½ x 3 inches. It has a thumb screw that lets you remove the forend to get to the storage and allows for quick disassembly of the gun.

Conventional Stock
We also offer a conventional-style stock and forearm for these guns. The stock has a rubber recoil pad and sling swivel studs. For a compact home defense weapon you can put a pistol grip and store-arm forend together for an overall length of 26”. The barrel must be 22”, with the grip, in order to comply with BATF. These stocks fit 12, 16, 20, 28, .410 GA. and all rifles.

H &R Conventional Stock 19-01-08 
H & R Conventional Forend  
(Has 1 inch swivel stud)


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