Quick Change Bases

Quick Change Bases for Rifles and Revolvers

This system provides a Quick-Change, return to zero mounting system for most popular rifles and revolvers.

These hardened steel bases acceps Tikka, CZ527 & Fox Ringmounts or Lever Ringmounts.

Scope and rings can be removed and replaced without tools or the need for re-adjustment. An integral recoil stop prevents movement under the most severe recoil.

Open sights can be used with mount bases fitted to rifles.

Quick Change Bases For Rifles & Revolvers.

Browning A Bolt LA/SA 2P 7855
Browning BLR & BLR Lightning L/A 1P 7810
Browning BLR & BLR Lightning S/A 1P 7340
Marlin 1894 1P 7826
Marlin 1895-336 1P 7818
Mauser96/38 Ex-Military 2P 7931
Mauser 98 Ex-Military 2P Ext (German drilling - 10mm rear group) 7935
Remington 700, 40, 78 LA/SA 2P 7839
Remington 700 LA/SA 2P Ext 7051
Remington 600, 660, & No.7 1P 7828
Remington 4, 6, 7400, 7600 1P 7829
Savage 110 (Older Model Only) 2P 7838
Steyr Mannlicher SBS / Pro Hunter 2P 7855
Weatherby V Vanguard (&CMC Howa) LA/SA 2P 7839