Recticule Options

Please check the descriptions of each riflescope for individual availability.

(A) Plex 30:30 (standard)
Standard in all Lynx riflescopes unless otherwise stated.
The “Plex” reticle is fitted as standard to most Lynx riflescopes. It gives the hunter elementary range-finding capability by representing 30 inches at 100 yards at 4x magnification across the thin centre section. A list of shoulder heights for 12 game animals and conversion tables for magnification other than 4x is available.
(Av) Plex 30:30 -TV
Standard in Lynx TV view riflescopes. The TV appearance is achieved by masking off some of the image top and bottom.
Standard in Lynx illuminated reticle riflescopes. This reticle cannot be fitted to any other model riflescope.
The NATO ranging reticle is calibrated for use on human targets but hunters can work out their own methods for ranging game animals.
Calibrated in mil-dots for ranging purposes
(D) Fine Cross Hair
Fitted to some Lynx Scopes.
(E) Fine Cross with Dot
Fitted as standard to some Lynx target scope models. The dot subtends 1/4 moa at 24x magnification.
XP (cross & post)
Fitted as standard in the 30mm 3P1.5-6x50XP
SA Hunters
Fitted as standard in the LX2 3.5-10x50SA. For instructions on use

New Retical Step Design

SA Hunters Reticle