Lynx Scope Mounts

for CZ550, BRNO 600, ZG47, Model 21 and 22 series

The Lynx Mounts received for testing - there are Low,Medium and High in both 1" and 30mm ring diameters. The rifle is a ZKK 601 with a set of 1" Low ring nwunts. The bolt handle had adequate clearance on the scope ocular housing. These mounts are designed for the big CZ550 actions and BRNO 21, 22 and ZG47 actions. The picatinny rail is for the smaller CZ 527 and Bmo Fox aud ZKW 465 actions.  

Scope mounts that are nice and low and strong for the big CZ and Brno actions have been almost impossible to obtain. Well Lynx must have heard my call because we have a range of 2-piece all-steel Ring Mounts that have been designed especially for the big CZ and Bmo actions. Lynx have three ring heights in both 1" and 30mm and the low ones are low enough that you will have to choose your scope carefully if you want the ocular lens to clear the bolt handle in both tube diameters. The high mounts are high enough to clear the biggest barrel and the highest bolt handle. The bolt handle may be an issue with 30mm scopes, as the ocular housing on the bigger 30mm scopes are usually bigger than 43mm so you may still have some issue I didn't have any CZ 550's to show you , but I did manage to rustle up one model 22, a ZG47. and 3 x 600 series rifles.

These new mounts are all real machined steel, and are machined very accurately and finished to a high standard. The recoil lugs and lock blocks are the same across the range and the lock blocks are much stronger than the older ring mounts. These new mounts are all made in South Africa and are all machined steel. no sinter metal.

(Left) This lump of a hog was taken at full run with the ZG 47 in 93x62 with the uew Lynx scope mounts and a 1-3x 20 D scope. The 286 gr bullet caught him on the point of the shoulder for a perfect result.

(Right) The first 3 shots at the bottom of the target were as I screwed the mounts to the rifle and the scope in the mounts.This was to show how close these moullts can be.I did bore sight the rifle and reckoned it would hit the target at 50 yards. I just wound the adjustmeut up 37 clicks and it was time to go shooting. This sighting in was done at 50 yards.

For testing I mounted a 4x38 Lynx on the Model 22 and shot it in. The next rifle is the ZG47 in 9.3x62 - a low power scope is the best option so I chose a 1-3x20D Lynx and shot it in as I was looking forward to catching a hog with this rifle as I don't shoot it much for obvious reasons (it kicks!). The first two shot after bore sighting cut at 50 yards and I moved the scope 3 clicks to the right.

The next rifle was the little .250 Savage you saw in the last issue and I chose the 1.5-4.5x24 IR Lynx scope and the Low 30mm rings. It all fitted together beautifully and came to the shoulder like a really good shotgun, until I went to put the bolt in to go shooting and the handle would not clear the ocular lens. I was reall disappointed as they were a great fit. So I had to change to the medium mounts which were just a bit high, but the bolt handle cleared with lots to spare. Then I had a 601 in .222 Remington Magnum which would require a bigger scope, so I chose a 1.5-6x5G XP to show you the high set of 30mm ring mounts in action. I also mounted a 4x38 on a 601 in .243 Winchester in the low ring mounts.

Now we had to find some game as it just wouldn't to not show you how they go in the field. The first afternoon Minnie and I went out Minnie got a reasonable sow with the little .250 Savage. The range was only about 20 metres as the sow was coming up out of the channel so it was very quick as the sow only had to make another 5 metres to be safe. Minnie spotted a reasonable boar at the gate as we were com ing into the paddock. A quick dash to try and cut him off from going into the next paddock as the gate was a long way away. He made the mistake of running across a small open flat and I was able to have a shot with the 9.3x62. He did two cartwheels when the 286gr Hornady hit him on the point of the shoulder, the dispatch occurred before the cartwheels! Now I just has to go collect a few bunnies with a couple of the smaller calibres.

(Left) This crow was collected with a ZKK 601 in .222 Remington Magnum with high 30mm rings and a Lynx 1.5-6 x 50 and Copperhead 53gr match projectiles.The crow was 243 paces.

(Right) I just had to try the Mode/22 on a bunny and this one was about 120 metres. This rifle has a set of high 1" mounts and a 4x38 Lynx scope which is possibly my favourite Lynx scope.The mounts have to be this high as the bolt handle has a very high root and this scope in the high mounts only just clears.


In conclusion these new CZ / Brno mounts were so easy to fit and have performed as all good scope mounts should. I will be keeping the complete set and will be getting another couple of sets of the low 1, mounts as I have another Brno 601 that doesn't have low mounts on it yet. Because of the range of heights available in this new line of mounts from Lynx I would have to say this is the most comprehensive range of mounts that has ever been available for CZ / Brno Since I started shooting in the early 1960's.

Guns & Game , January-March 2016

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