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John Dunn puts Lynx to the test, but not before it spends a night in the freezer and is dropped into a bucket of warm water just to test the seals.

The range includes four different series of riflescopes (Wide Angle, Twilight, Professional and Target/Silhouette/Varmint); pistol scopes, a trio of Sniper scopes, and red Dot sights. All have fully coated lenses and are purged with dry nitrogen to prevent fogging under extreme temperature changes. A duplex or 30-30 reticle is standard though other types are available.
A tube diameter of 25.4mm is standard on all scopes except the Red Dot sights, which have a diameter of 33mm. Manufactured from aircraft-grade aluminium, all Lynx scopes are both waterproof and shockproof, offering a 15-year warranty on materials and workmanship.

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GTD Project
Wyatt Detachable Mag + UTG Bipod Lynx 3-9x40 IR The GTD Project
Lynx Scope Mounts for CZ / Brno Lynx 3P 3-9x42  
Lynx 3-9x38 DW Lynx LX2 4-12x40D Scope Binoculars
Lynx LX2 3.5-10x50 RF The new Lynx LX Series Lynx #16-840, 8x40
Sun Optics 3-9x50 IR Mil Dot + 4-16x50 Lynx LX2 3.5-10x50RF Lynx #19 8x42s Borro-Prism
Lynx LX 4x38D + 6x38D Lynx P16x42S Mildot Rifle Scope Lynx #40-842, 8x42
Lynx LX 6-24x42D - Step
Lynx P8x56
Lynx #19-1042, 10x42
Lynx P4.5-14x50D Lynx P24x44D Lynx Binoculars
Lynx SF16x42 Tactical Scope Professional Series Riflescopes
A.I. ACIS & Lynx SF 10x42M Lynx Spotting Scopes Scope Mounts
Lynx SP 1.5-6x50 XP Lynx Mil-Dot 10x42 Scope Return of Lynx Scope Mounts
Lynx 6-24x42 DT Lynx Scopes Stocks
Lynx 6x40DW Lynx Precision Target Scopes Choate Tactical stock
Lynx P3-9x42D Lynx S.P. Scope 1.5-6x50 XP  
Lynx P3-9x42(N) Lynx Hunting Scopes Detachable Mag/Trigger Gaurd
Lynx P3-12x42D Lynx P10x56D Scope Wyatt detachable Mag & Trigger Gaurd Assembly
  Lynx 20x42 AO 30mm Target Scope  


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