Lynx P24x44D Target/Silhouette/Varmint Scope

As it came from the box, I was impressed with the look of the Lynx p24X44D Target/Silhouette/Varmint scope. Of monotube construction, it has a length of just 33.8cm that extends to 43.5cm with the shade tube fitted. The 44mm objective, the target turrets and the understated matte black finish all combine to give it a very business-like appearance.
After spending a night in the freezer, the scope was dropped into a bucket of warm water and left for an hour to test the seals. No signs of leakage or fogging were evident. The scope was then mounted on my silhouette rimfire, a Sako Varmint model, and shot in at 50m.

There were a number of things I liked about the scope. It has an eye relief of 102mm and for someone like me who is long sighted, that’s a plus. It’s also a bonus for anyone who decides to put this scope onto a certrefire rifle, as it helps to avoid the possibility of being belted over the eye should the shooter inadvertently do a little stock crawling.
The Parallax adjustable objective lens is well marked with a range scale that begins at about ten metres and goes to infinity. While the scale was a little out at close range, from 25m on I found it to be right on the markings. The lens is quite firm to turn, a couple of knurled rings providing plenty of grip.
Clarity of the scope was excellent at all ranges when the parallax was properly adjusted.

The adjustable objective on the P24 Scope to be focused down about ten metres.

The knurled turrets are adjustable from zero and, though a little shorter than other target turrets, provide plenty of adjustment. Each click of the turret has a nominal value of 3.5mm/100m. The clicks are audible, easily felt and – most importantly for range shooters – consistently precise.
To test repetability I fired a three-shot group and the wound the turret down 20 clicks and fired another three-shot group. This process was repeated: 20 clicks to the right, fire a three-shot group; 20 clicks up, fire a three-shot group; and finally; 20 clicks to the left before firing a final three-shot group that easily went back within the limitations of the initial sighting group.
While the four groups printed on the target weren’t as small as they could have been – it was a windy afternoon and I was using standard velocity ammunition – they did demonstrate the reliability of the turret adjustments. This was further verified by a number of club silhouette matches.

With the shade tube filled, the P24 is an excellent silhouette scope.


A number of other experienced shooters who had a look through the p24 were suitably impressed and I wont be surprised if one or two of these scopes turn up on the local range in the near future. Anyone contemplating a Lynx P24x44D should consider the following points carefully:
The 44mm objective lens will require at least medium height mounts to clear the barrel.
The high magnification reduces the exit pupil of the scope to just 1.8mm. Accordingly, it will deliver the optimum performance under good, bright light conditions.
The nominal field of view is .8 degrees – that’s just 122cm at 90m according to my calculations.
These are not criticisms nor should they be interpreted as such. As the model designation would imply, the P24x44D Target/Silhouette/Varmint is something of a specialist scope. It was designed to do a range of very specific tasks and it will do them all very well.
The recommended retail price of the Lynx P24X44D as of November 1,2000 was $495.

John Dunn - Australian Shooter December 2000 Edition

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