Lynx Spottiung Scopes

The latest addition to the Lynx range is a large power spotting scope suitable for range or field use. The scope is about 350mm long and features a 60mm diameter objective. The outside of the body is completely rubber armoured and included is a rubber end cap for the front lens.
The body has the focus adjustment on the right hand side and various eyepieces that screw onto the back of the body at a 45-degree angle. The main lens I used was a 15-45x model which gave an infinite magnification variation between 15 and 45 power.

The Lynx Spotting Scope is rubber armoured and can accomidate one of six different eyepieces available.

Variable power on a spotting scope can be very useful in most situations because it allows a large field of view at lower power for scanning an area and then much higher magnification for searching out the fine detail of game animals at long distance. Being able to correctly identify game at considerable distance can save a lot of walking. Is that deer on the far ridge worth pursuing, or should I keep looking? Even a range shooter using a spotting
scope for shot placement on targets will find use with a variable. If it is a hot day it can be useful to reduce the power to lessen the effects of mirage for example. I found this particularly useful at my range when testing guns in the summer months.

The 15-45x variable eyepiece is mounted on the scope at 45 degrees. The variable power range allows greater flexibility than fixed powers for use in field or range.

The scope does not come with a tripod, but is threaded to accept a standard camera mount screw. I used a small portable tripod with good success. The weight of the scope is not great, thanks in part to alloy construction , and is the sort off scope you could put in a backpack and cart around the hills, especially considering the extra duribility of the rubber armour coating. The lens quality in this spotting SCOPe like all Lynx scopes we have tested, is excellent. Fully made in Japan, Lynx seem to have resisted the temptation of many other big name scope manufacturers to have their products made in China, or to a lesser extent in Taiwan or Korea. The labour may be cheap in China, but all scopes I have seen from these places are very much inferior quality to the same brands made in Japan. Lynx have built a solid foundation for quality products by utilising first class manufacturing techniques.

Large 60mm diameter objective offers good clarity and transmits plenty of light.

The spotting scope body is purchased separately from the eyepieces . There are six different eye-pieces available. These include 15x, 20x 20xLE (Long Eye Relied, a fixed 40x, a 22xWA (Wide Angle) and my greatly preferred model, the 15-45x variable.
Overall an excellent quality spotting scope.
For more information, contact Lynx Optics, Ph: 02 9651 4820.

Text and photography by Briel Jackson - GUNS & GAME - April-June, 2002

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