#16-840, 8x40 Binocular

Size wise, this is a good, general purpose binocular. Of Porro prism design, it delivers an exit pupil of 5mm, making it very useful for a broad range of light conditions. It has centrewheel focusing and an angular field of view of 8.2 degrees, which translates into 143 metres at 1000. It has a close focus distance of 4.5 metres. It’s a long eye-relief binocular, with fold-down eyecups. The interpupillary range of 60 to 70mm means it will fit most faces. The right ocular is fitted with a friction-tight diopter ring for individual eye focussing requirements.
The rear of the axis pin carries a gold Lynx logo. The front of the axis pin is threaded to accept a tripod adaptor, with a screw-on cover provided to ensure the thread remains clean and functional. Measuring 140x170mm with a weight of 680 grams, this is a squat, relatively compact binocular, not quite pocketsize, but small enough for most people to carry easily all day. It’s comfortable to use; it’s size provides a steadiness and quality of view that lighter, more compact binoculars sometimes fail to deliver despite their general utility.
In typical Lynx fashion, the optics deliver good edge-to-edge clarity, combined with a sensible power rating, a practical exit pupil and high standard of light transmission.
Overall, this is a very handy binocular that will appeal to a broad range of users, not just the hunting and shooting fraternity.
This binocular has a RRP of $340 including GST.

John Dunn - Australian Shooter, January/Febuary Edition

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