6-24x42 DT Lynx Scope

The 6-24x42 DT scope comes from the Lynx Professional Series. Like all scopes in this series, it’s of monotube construction and is made from air-craft grade aluminum with a matte-black finish. A silver-finished version is available at extra cost. The scope is shockproof and waterproof, with multi-coated optics for efficient light transmission.

There is no doubt the scope is aimed directly at the target shooting market – though it would also be suitable for long-range varmint hunting or shooting, especially for those who like to sit back and work over warrens, taking deliberate shots as far out as they can. A duplex reticle was fitted to the review scope but a Nato reticle is also available.

The scope has an overall length of 370mm. The tube diameter is 25.4mm with a 42mm adjustable objective and a 32mm eyepiece. The weight of the scope is 510g. A screw-on sunshade is provided, as are screw-in lens covers.

On all Lynx scopes, the power ring on the scope is ribbed to make it easy to grasp and turn. Movement is firm and positive enough to ensure it cannot be accidently shifted.

While comparatively low, the target turrets allow plenty of movement for accurate windage and elevation adjustments.Click value on each turret is nominal 3mm (1/8") at 100m.

The mounting area between the adjustment saddle and the eye-piece is 50mm in length. This allows plenty of movement when setting up the eye relief. The minimum eye relief is 90mm, which is more than enough to avoid the Weatherby syndrome when setting the scope up on a centrefire rifle. Additional fine adjustment for eye relief is available via the standard eyepiece and locking ring on the ocular bell.

The power ring is ribbed to make it easy to grasp and manipulate; the movement firm enough to ensure that power settings aren’t likely to slip or be charged inadvertently.

Target-type turrets are fitted for both windage and evaluation. Click value is a nominal 3mm (1/8”) and there is plenty of room for adjustments on both turrets.

The adjustable objective has a minimum focal distance of about 12-15m across the full magnification range, making the scope suitable for short distance target shooting. The difference between minimum and maximum focal distance takes two full turns of the adjustable objective to acquire. While this seems like a lot at first, it does allow very precise focusing at all ranges – a positive feature when you consider the individual differences in human eyes.

Initial testing of the 6-24x42 DT was done on a GTD rifle at .308. The scope proved itself adequate at ranges out to 200m – though eye relief was critical, especially on the top-end magnification settings.

The scope was given much more thorough testing on a Savage rifle set up for rimfire Metallic Silhouette. Adjustments on both turrets proved to be precise and repeatable.

Overall, both clarify the light transmission were excellent at all ranges and under all reasonable conditions. The capacity to wind the power down to compensate for heat mirage was greatly appreciated during the summer months.

In my opinion this scope is good. Like all Lynx products I’ve encountered, it offers excellent value for money.

John Dunn - Australian Shooter, Edition 16 2006

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