The P3-9x42D comes from the Lynx Professional series. It's a general-purpose scope, no doubt designed for use on centrefire need, but one that would also be handy on a rlmfre In some circumstances Of monotone construction, I has a matte black finish and an overall length of 314mm The fixed 42mm objective lens gives an exit pupil of 14mm on 3x and 4 6mm on 9x. The 100m field of view is 10.36 on 3x, reducing to 3 65m on 9x All lenses are multi- coated to provide high contrast Images and light transmission Scope caps and a well- presented Instruction manual are provided.

THE P3-9x 42D was fitted to a Brno 7X57 for range and field testing. It is a perfect choice for a hunting rifle such as this:

The lower magnifications handy at shorter ranges, the higher ones suitable for those situations where a longer shot might be needed.

For testing, It was mounted on a Brno 7x57, collimated and then shot In at 100m using my normal 175-gra1n hand loads Lens clarity was excellent at all magnifications and ranges Parallax was factory set at 100m and there was no hint of error when switching from one power to anomie: nor was there any significant variation In point of Impact.
The fluted power change ring is easy to grip and manipulate, yet firm enough to be set and left without fear of accidental shifting, I also liked the generous reach of the mounting area on the tube, which allows the scope to be set up well forward m the mounts The coin-slotted turret adjustments were precise and positive, responding well to any changes and easily returnable to original settings on the rotating scale Overall, this 18 an Impressive scope that retails for $410

As a reviewer, It would be irresponsible of me to recommend any product that was not up to scratch In terms of quality and performance Accordingly I'm not going to tell you that the Lynx scopes are as good as the best on the market What they are is grange of scopes designed to will a particular market niche In terms of cost and quality They do that very well and I believe they will find a strong following among those hunters and shooters who have a limited budget but want to purchase the best they can afford They're Holdens rather that Rolls-Royces - certainly worth looking into.

John Dunn - Australian Shooter, December 2000 Edition

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