The Lynx 6x40DW Wide Angle is a good, general-purpose scope suitable for both centrefire and rimfire rifles. The matte black finished, two-piece tube has an overall length of 32cm and weighs 335gm.
The 40mm objective lens gives an exit pupil of 6.6mm with an eye relief of 90mm to 100mm. The field of view at 100m 15 about 7.9m. All lenses are magnesium flouride coated to provide clear, sharp, high-contrast images. Black plastic lens covers are supplied with the scope.

The 6x40DW will fit comfortably onto a rimfire hunting rifle like this Winchester Low Wall, but is also suitable for use on any centrefire rifle.


For testing, I mounted the 6x40DW on my Winchester Low Wall rimfire and sighted it in at 50m. The low coin-slotted turrets with click adjustments were very positive, the duplex reticle responding accurately and concisely to any movement. A rotating scale on each turret allows a zero to be established for both windage and elevation, serving to track any adjustments and allow a return to zero as required.
The fixed objective lens presented a clear view of targets at all practical rimfire ranges. While the scope is undoubtedly underpowered for serous range work, it is more than adequate for both rimfire and centerfire hunting work, capable of providing reliable service under field conditions with a minimum of fuss.
With a recommended retail price of Just $255, It seems bound to find favour with budget-conscious shooters.

John Dunn - Australian Shooter, December 2000 Edition

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